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Architecture Review Committee

Documents & information related to the Cedar Knolls HOA architecture review commitee.

The HOA has a responsiblity to review external modifications to homes in the community in order to maintain and enhance property values. Unlike many other planned communities, the Cedar Knoll Homeowners Association prides itself on managing the property in a manner that least impacts the homeowner’s ability to enjoy their property.  The Board of Directors and the operation committees are responsive to the needs of the community and render timely decisions that are fair and equitable to all parties.

Periodically, the HOA board will perform a neighborhood walk-about, identifying any violations of HOA covenents and restrictions. Notices will then be sent to homeowners to give you a chance to bring your home back into compliance. The HOA references the HOA Covenants and Restrictions as well as the ARC Guidelines to identify violations.

If you plan to make an external modification to your home, simply fill out the ARC Application and email it along with supporting documents to the HOA board email address of Your application will then be reviewed and the board will respond within 45 days (though usually much faster).

Q: How long does it take for the HOA to review my application?

A: The community by-laws allow the HOA up to 45 days to review an ARC application. However, we realize that often you have quotes and vendors waiting on a decision and do our best to respond quickly. Most applications are reviewed within 2 weeks with simple requests often taking only a few days. If you have not heard from the HOA after 45 days, then the by-laws specify that the application is automatically approved. However, if you begin the work before the end of the 45 days, then the 45 day limit is void.

Q: Does changing my <fill in blank> require an ARC application?

A: In general, all external modifications to the home require a ARC application.This would include new patios, decks, fences, paint colors, doors, walkways, outside stairs or retaining walls.

If you are redo'ing the landscaping and just replacing / adding plants and trees, this does not require an ARC application UNLESS you are planting 3 or more trees in a row to create a screen. Retaining walls under 3 ft tall do not require an ARC application. One exception to this would be if the changes will change the water drainage properties of the yard. Cedar Knolls is built on a number of hills and the landscaping can have a significant effect on the amount of water that flows into neighboring yards.

Q: My mailbox post is rotted or weathered. Where can I order a new mailbox?

A: The HOA does not have a required vendor for the mailboxes. One vendor that does carry the exact same make/model is Delmarva mailboxes. You can order one from them and they will install it.

If you would like to install a different mailbox, please submit an ARC application as described above.